I'm  Linda, your Mindset coach

Throughout my years as a business owner, the journey through that led to my discovery of coaching and how important it is. 


My passion is helping women find their 'whole'. We can become empty in areas of our life, a little look at those areas help create clarity and with that, changes happen.


 "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts"


Working with women, helping them see what they are capable of with a mindset shift without sweating the small stuff. Each and every transformation is powerful to witness and feeds my passion for what I do!


All areas of relationships, from their partners, their parents/ siblings to relationships with children and friends. No coaching client is the same. Patterns, however, have been evident to me over the years. I work with clients to change their patterns/routines, find themselves and above all, RESET THEIR MINDSET.

ACCREDITED NLP & Master NLP Practitioner

Certified Strategic Life Coaching Practitioner

Certificate in Advanced Child Psychology

Certified Parenting (Teens) Practitioner

Certified Law of Attraction Coach Practitioner

Keyboard and Mouse

Work with me

I'm excited for you that you have sought out coaching. Be it with me, or anyone else, you will never regret the journey with a coach.

They trigger behaviour, emotions, and gives us the drive to take action. Goals are the steps to our dreams. Start small, start big, either way, without planning nothing happens.

Imagine, turning up at the airport, excited for your holiday. Bags packed, passport in hand. However, you haven't booked a holiday. Wouldn't happen, right? Isn't it funny, we plan for so many things but often not the most important thing? Ourselves, our future, our happiness.

Coaching with me will allow you to look at each area of your life and look for the routes to your dreams. Goals give you control over your life; they provide purpose, direction, clarity, focus and motivation.


Coaching with me means a chance to change your life and take positive action towards a fantastic future with some giggles along the way.